We are MBDX.


Beginning 2020, we emerged from the internal organizational development unit of Mercedes-Benz. Yet we still have a lot of “energy running through our veins” and are proud of our roots.

Our strength: We have system knowledge of the corporate world and an excellent network interconnected with SMEs, consultancies and academia. As a genuine start-up, we are completely independent in terms of content and finance – that makes us agile. One could also say: We are ambidextrous.

Organizational ambidexterity describes the ability of organizations to be both efficient and flexible.



Rocky Marciano

ambidextrous boxing champion
Highest knock-out rate (87.76%) of all heavyweight world champions in the history of professional boxing.

Ambidexterity (originating from Latin ambo “both” and dextera “right hand”) means the ability to use both  hands equally well. Within the framework of organizational ambidexterity, it is intended to illustrate the importance of integrating exploitation (taking advantage of what already exists) and exploration (discovering something new).

Research¹ has shown that organizations mastering ambidexterity are more successful than those lacking this ability.


Describes the ability of companies to efficiently align themselves with current business needs. This includes an efficient process design of production as well as an effective exploitation of currently available resources to ensure the short-term survival of the company.


On the other hand, there is exploration, where companies are concerned with keeping themselves fit for the future beyond the present and being well prepared for changes in the corporate environment. It is about learning, renewing and testing new markets and technologies.

Ambidextrous competencies of decision makers ensure the company’s future success. Frameworks and methods for sharpening these competencies are therefore the essential core in our business consulting services.



¹ Raisch, S. & Birkinshaw, J. (2008).
Organizational ambidexterity: Antecedents, outcomes, and moderators.
Journal of management, 34(3), 375-409.



Strong competition, a change in strategy, future technologies or ambitious goals - there are many reasons for a company to realign itself. But new conditions also require a new culture. Such a change calls for support!


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Digital Transformation

Digitalization is changing the way we work and live. Seize the many opportunities of change for your organization and shape your digital future together with us!


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Is it time for creative leaps? But where does the new come from? We accompany your innovation processes and support you in rethinking the future and turning visionary ideas into reality!


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Andjelina GudeljAndjelina Gudelj

Andjelina Gudelj


Michelle GannMichelle Gann

Michelle Gann


Julia DohmJulia Dohm

Julia Dohm

Senior Consultant

Jusuf HajdarpasicJusuf Hajdarpasic

Jusuf Hajdarpasic

Associate Consultant

Fabian HezelFabian Hezel

Fabian Hezel


Leonie JanssenLeonie Janssen

Leonie Janssen

Associate Consultant

Anne Sophie KirchnerAnne Sophie Kirchner

Anne Sophie Kirchner


Lea MayerLea Mayer

Lea Mayer

Associate Consultant

Heino NiederhausenHeino Niederhausen

Heino Niederhausen

Managing Partner

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Jacqueline Prauss


Jan ReherJan Reher

Jan Reher

Managing Partner

Sebastian SchwimmbeckSebastian Schwimmbeck

Sebastian Schwimmbeck


Ynaiê Bhering SoaresYnaiê Bhering Soares

Ynaiê Bhering Soares


Tea TrajkovTea Trajkov

Tea Trajkov

Associate Consultant

Thomas WarnekenThomas Warneken

Thomas Warneken

Chief Financial Officer

Expert Network

Josefine DenzinJosefine Denzin

Josefine Denzin

Network Partner & Senior Consultant

Stefan HillerStefan Hiller

Stefan Hiller

Network Partner & Senior Consultant

Jana LévJana Lév

Jana Lév

Network Partner & Senior Consultant

Cornelia MichelCornelia Michel

Cornelia Michel

Network Partner & Senior Consultant

Yvonne RansbachYvonne Ransbach

Yvonne Ransbach

Network Partner & Senior Consultant

Dietmar RederDietmar Reder

Dietmar Reder

Network Partner & Senior Consultant

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang SaamanProf. Dr. Wolfgang Saaman

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Saaman

Network Partner & Senior Consultant

Ralf Schwaegler-SchallenmuellerRalf Schwaegler-Schallenmueller

Ralf Schwaegler-Schallenmueller

Network Partner & Senior Consultant

Dr. Armin StraubDr. Armin Straub

Dr. Armin Straub

Network Partner & Senior Consultant

Klaus VetterKlaus Vetter

Klaus Vetter

Network Partner & Senior Consultant

Petra VollgoldPetra Vollgold

Petra Vollgold

Network Partner & Senior Consultant

Sascha WolffSascha Wolff

Sascha Wolff

Network Partner & Senior Consultant

Scientific Network

Prof. Dominic SachsenmaierProf. Dominic Sachsenmaier

Prof. Dominic Sachsenmaier

Scientific Partner & China Expert

Prof. Sven VölpelProf. Sven Völpel

Prof. Sven Völpel

Scientific Partner & Age Expert

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